Eyelash Glue Adhesive 1ml Black

Eyelash Glue Adhesive 1ml Black


Latex-Free Eyelash Glue Adhesive

This is a good quality latex-free eyelash glue for all types of strip false eyelashes, individual eyelashes and small body art jewellery, it is easy to use with applicator attached to the lid. It is quite a strong and quick dry glue, please refer to the using tips below.
This glue should be used as temporary adhesive only, not suitable to be used for semi-permanent lash extension.





Safe on skin
Approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

Safety Number for Black Glue : A011H001-8002A


Glue Colours - Black

Glue Texture -  Thick liquid

Size of the Glue1ml

Weight - 2g including the bottle and lid

Country Of Manufacture - Made in Korea

Package Content - 1 bottle of 1ml glue only.

Composition Of Ingredient - Acrylic Copolymer, Water

Package Packaging -
No box or fancy packaging, just as shown in the picture.



How to use this eyelash glue / adhesive :

Step 1)   Make sure to apply enough but not over flow of glue along at the top edge of the false eyelash strip band.

Tips > 
Apply more glue at the both ends of the lash strip, because those are the areas would normally come off first.
Make sure your eyes is not watery or teary when using this glue.

Step 2)   After applying the glue on the lash strip, wait for a few seconds to allow the glue become more "tacky & sticky",
               then apply the false eyelash on your lash line.

Tips > 
Apply the closer to your lash line, the better & more natural effect it will be!
To remove the glue, use oil based or good eye make up remover that can remove waterproof mascara.




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