Eyelash Glue | Adhesive - Standard

Eyelash Glue  |  Adhesive - Standard
Eyelash Glue  |  Adhesive - Standard


Gentle glue for all types of strip false eyelashes and can be used for temporary individual eyelashes. The colour of the glue is cream white, it will become clear in colour when it is fully dry.


*This is not semi permanent eyelashes extension glue.

  Glue size :  7g
  Strongness of the Glues :  Medium
  Ingradient :

 Polivinilacetato, Aqua,
Celulosa Hidroxietilica,






How to use the eyelash glue / adhesive :

1)   Apply a thin coat of lash glue along the edge of the lash strip.
Tips >  Avoid putting too much glue, but slightly more at both ends of the eyelash strip

2)   Wait for a few seconds to allow the glue to become "tacky & sticky", then apply the false eyelash to the lash line.
Tips >  The closer to your lash line, the better & more natural effect it will be!

* The glue colour will become clear when it is completely dry *


Caution:   Do not use over wounds
  Keep it from getting into the eyes
  Keep out of reach of children
  Keep the lid on when not in use
  Store in room temperature



Price: £1.99

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